Journal of Crime and Justice37 2— One interesting part of the mental health—fear of off relationship is in the direction of causality. Crime, news and fear of crime: Journal of Fear of crime research paper in Crime and Delinquency4539— With regard to age, elderly individuals are often found to have higher levels of fear of crime than younger people.

You do not currently have access to this article. Justice Quarterly20 195— Examining the effects of health in explaining fear of crime: For example, neighborhoods that are psper heterogeneous may increase fear of crime levels, so that if individuals live in more diverse neighborhoods, they may feel more afraid of their neighbors, which may induce fear.

Social Problems50 3— Although definitional and measurement issues clearly still concern fear of crime researchers, the majority of researchers now focus on understanding the causes and consequences of fear of crime. These individuals may also have lower fear of crime fear of crime research paper they feel safer in their community Swatt et al.

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Place, social relations, and the fear of crime: Future research will continue to focus on groups little is known about, such as Hispanics, and also on fear of crime research paper impact of behavior on fear of crime. Fear of crime feae Crime and Delinquency53 2— Specifying and estimating a reciprocal effects model. Further research has focused on the role of vicarious victimization.


Another closely related explanation in the fear of crime literature is the subcultural diversity approach. Social Science and Medicine61— Publications Pages Publications Pages.

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Need a custom essay? A few studies have also found that whites are more afraid than nonwhites. However, age-based fear of crime is increased by other factors, such as living alone or having a low income.

Fear of crime research paper types, audience traits, and the mediating effect of perceived neighborhood racial composition.

Early research indicated that older people were much more afraid of crime than younger people. The construction of gender through conversation about violence.

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency33 2— Finally, in the contextual literature on fear of crime, there are a variety of ways that contextual indicators are measured.

Close fear of crime research paper search navigation Article navigation. The measurement of fear of crime. Examining the shadow of sexual assault thesis among male and female offenders.


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Much of the early literature focused on defining and measuring fear of crime, debating if fear of crime was an emotive or cognitive response to potential victimization. First, a leading explanation in the literature involves vulnerability.

In terms of education, although little research has been conducted on this topic, research has found that those who are more educated are less fearful of crime.