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How to write a Project Justification in a proposal on community livelihood development project

The field or discipline is linked to university courses and research, academic journals, conferences and other academic associations, and some book publishers. For example, you could write a justification narrative for your workplace with the claim, “Employees need to have one or more vending machines in the break room.

I didn’t bother to compare them with anyone else because I knew they were honest people.

It porposal with the research aim, which picks up the theme introduced in the ‘gap’ statement cultural perspective. The purpose of this research project is to ….

You must provide whatever support you can in the form of statistics, studies and expert opinions. Besides, there are opportunities available for such microfinance activities in the area like for example banks are willing to provide small loans to organized microfinance groups.

Return to top of page. A summary of contrasting areas of research or what is ‘known’ The newness or significance of what you are doing is typically established in a contrast or dialogue with other research and scholarship.

The previous research has concentrated on …. Once the Problem Description is ready, we need to write another separate paragraph for Project Justification.

You can make any argument you like to strengthen your proposal, but if you don’t have support for your arguments, your reader will not be convinced that what you say is true. Questions or objectives grow out of areas of uncertainty, or gaps, in the field of research. How to write justification of study in research proposal research proposal introduction Title: Have I clearly signalled the research topic in the key words and phrases used in the first sentence and title of the research proposal?


The statement of the research design is often the last thing discussed in the research proposal introduction. Every aspect of your study design has an influence on what you will learn from reseatch study. This is achieved by stimulating enquiry analysis, creating independent judgement and developing cognitive skills that are in line with graduate practice Hollingworth and McLoughlin ; Bedard, The field or discipline is not the same as the topic of the research.

Establish Reasons Once you state your claim, begin providing the reasoning. It is important not to provide tangential information in the opening sentence or title because this may mislead the reader about the core subject of the proposal. Proper research is essential how to write justification of study in research proposal building your case. These studies have emphasised that … … introduce what is knownbut it remains unclear whether … ‘gap’.

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So far, investigations have been confined to …. These steps pertain to the key questions of reviewers: What problem or issue does the research address? For your vending machine proposal, you could include the cost of the machine versus the revenue it will generate from purchases and the increased profits from projected productivity. The question of … has been extensively studied in recent years. For this reason, you may find propossl need to go back and reframe your research justification as your research and writing progresses.


Once you state your claim, begin providing the reasoning. Therefore, you need to have a rationale for every aspect of your study. What Makes a Study Persuasive? Researchers, variously, hold that knowledge of the world arises through:. Therefore, in this example, you shouldn’t just talk about why the employees would like the new vending machine; you should say why it will help the company, such as improving reseafch bottom line through increased worker output.

The goal of the first step of the research proposal is to get your audience’s attention; to show them why your research matters, and to make them want to know more about your research.