This first sentence also lets the reader know that this paragraph will deal with descriptions of people: It is important to write the introduction and the conclusion in one sitting, so that they match in mirror image to create a complete framework.

Sentence types in introduction paragraphs Read the following question and the sample introduction paragraph. It is less important that this paragraph has a hook introductlry the last paragraph is going to include a summary of the body of the paper.

This final statement may be a “call to action” in an persuasive paper. Like with theais previous paragraph, include any evidence—a quotation, statistic, data—that supports this point after the Assertion. This will introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples the heart of your thesis.

There are many forms of living organ donation. All of introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples sentences build up satement the essay’s thesis statement. This first sentence should be broadly related to the topic of the essay. This is Mary Bloggs who is a consultant from the Academic Skills office relevant info about the person for the job about to be done.

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While television can be educationalparents should regulate the amount of television their children watch because it inhibits social interaction, shortens children’s attention spans, and isn’t always intellectually stimulating.

In preparing the reader for the thesis statement, there are many approaches in writing an introduction that can be taken. The introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples and third sentences provide observations which can also be considered a dith, not only of the content of the paper, but also offers personal opinion which was logically drawn as the result of jntroductory study.


This essay will identify and examine the main causes underpinning student difficulties with academic writing and consider evidence to evaluate whether programs delivered in universities address this problem.


exampples After the attention getter or lead-in, writers need to gradually narrow the broad subject towards the thesis. Match the statements to the correct sentence type.

Even though television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples their children watch. Try to write your kntroductory straight from your question analysis, then review it many times while you are writing the body of the essay—this will help you to keep your essay on target i. The last sentence of pwragraph paragraph uses the expressions “sense of feeling” and “sense of sight” as hooks for leading into the third paragraph.

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This is meant as a guide only, so we encourage you to revise it in a way that works best for you. Hopefully the answer is yes; just make sure you examine all viewpoints before investing your valuable time in a well-written piece.

The tighter your focus, the better your paper. Instead of summarizing the points you just made, synthesize them. Beginner writers often times find it useful to create introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples essay map thesis, where the thesis briefly lists the areas that will be discussed in the essay. Second, it stands as the point of reference for your entire paper. Remember that the thesis statement is a kind of “mapping tool” that helps you organize your ideas, and it helps your reader follow your argument.

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If you find yourself using general words like “good,” then you’re not digging deep enough. Link to this page. Intgoductory your thesis statement once and then rewrite it again with greater specificity. Notice we got very specific in our reasons why. Again, while readers may agree with this and your statement may be true, how has the Internet improved people’s lives? If you’re about to write several paragraphs or pages about a topic make sure you can confidently defend every point you make.


The last sentence of the paragraph usually introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples the main points that will be covered in the essay sentence eaxmples. The third paragraph of the body should contain the weakest argument, weakest example, weakest illustration, or an obvious follow up to the second paragraph in the body.

The first paragraph of the body should contain the strongest argument, most significant example, cleverest illustration, or an obvious beginning point. The first sentence of this paragraph should include the reverse hook which ties in with the transitional hook introductory paragraph with thesis statement examples the end of the first paragraph of the body.