Regardless of the discipline or instructional models you are using, Love and Logic techniques will enable your staff to implement them more effectively. View as Web Page.

Kids who make a lot of mistakes also need to experience plenty of success. First Love and Logic e-Book. Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

Prevent resistance by providing choices within limits. See Charles Fay in. Do you want to work on math first or reading first? Please do not alter or modify. Visit this page to download and enjoy. Of course, only give choices that will make nomework happy regardless of love and logic homework tips your child decides.

That’s why it’s so important to encourage love and logic homework tips to spend time and energy on their strengths. Gain practical logjc to take the stress out of running a school.

To shop our online store click on the link above, then. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend. Graduate-level credit and CEUs are available. I’ll be happy to help when I see that you want my help.


Celebrating their successes cements our relationship and gives them the courage to tackle the tough stuff!

Using empathy rather than anger dramatically increases the odds that they’ll actually feel bad about getting bad grades. When their grades are poor, be sad for them. Love and Logic Institute, Inc. When your children get resistant, allow them to learn by refusing to.

Far too many ,ove find themselves mired in un-winnable power-struggles over homework…battles that damage parent-child relationships result in further resistance to learning and they steal joy. Love and logic homework tips next time your child gets resistant, experiment with walking away from the table and saying: Register online or call.

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If we’re not in your city, check out one of our. Would you like to do the odd problems or the even ones? In my book, From Bad Grades to a Great Life now available as an e-book I provide a variety of additional strategies for helping kids develop this type of internal drive. With some practical tips, hips can enjoy cooperative kids while building a life-long love of learning: All copyright infringement laws apply.


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I love you too much to fight with you about homework. Do you like love and logic homework tips have fun while learning new skills? Let their grades be their grades. Refusing to do a homework assignment can serve as a more important life lesson than the content of the assignment.

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