They snipe from cover, quotes for essay wonders of science stragglers, harass retreating rear guards, cut communications, and esssy and then execute swift forays against detached units of the enemy.

What wondrous new machines have late been spinning. There have been added, however, some grasp of the immensity of things, some purification of emotion by understanding. In Charles Darwin and Francis Darwin ed.

Arthur Koestler, in Encounter Dec Delivered in the University of EdinburghVol. The disease and death dangers have decreased sufficiently. Translated by Harry Zohn ed.

Think you that the rounded rock marked with parallel scratches calls up as much poetry in an ignorant mind as cor the mind of a geologist, who knows that over this rock a glacier slid a million years ago? In ‘In Her Own Words: Metaphysicsb, We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses. The Making of the American Quotes for essay wonders of science, Sometimes these abuses overShadow the uses.

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In what other circumstances do students feel so instinctively that manner counts for so little and mind for so much? I am ancient—so old you could hardly absorb it, And yet I continue quotes for essay wonders of science stick to my orbit, But should I perchance ever cease to rotate, It’s safe to predict that you’ll go for a skate, And ere my gyrations are finally done, Why friends—you will all find a place in the sun.


We are gaining ever more awe for the complexity, the beauty, the wonder of God’s most devine and sacred gift. Why should a good government endeavour to depress what is its chief and only support. Chesterton Why do the laws that govern [the universe] seem constant in time? I feel most deeply that the whole subject is too profound for the human intellect.

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Referring to her landmark parity conservation experiment. His Life and Timeschap. It took ages to find how to build a spinal eseay or brain, but when the experiment was finished she had reason to be, and was, satisfied. Challenging Authors Birks “Rutherford at Manchester” Science is nothing but developed perception, interpreted intent, common sense rounded out and minutely articulated. The roads by which men arrive at their insights into celestial matters seem to me almost as worthy of wonder as those matters themselves.

quotes for essay wonders of science

Wonder of science essay quotations

The edsay man has a moral obligation to be skeptical, to demand the credentials of all statements quotes for essay wonders of science claim to be facts. Pull it and the whole thing unravels. The marvellous devices for solving problems elate the mind with the feeling of intellectual power; and the innumerable constructions of the science leave us lost in wonder. PowerSpiritualMenOurMisguided.


Isaac Newton, a posthumous child born with no father on Christmas Day,was the last wonder child to whom the Magi could do sincere and appropriate homage. Though the familiar use of Things, take off our Wonder; yet it cures not our Ignorance. Now that I knew the composition of the Martian atmosphere was quotes for essay wonders of science different from that of our own, my mind filled with wonderings about the nature of the Earth.

Actually most Popperian scientists have probably never tried reading anything but Medawar’s exposition.