AE Online Slot Games Provide Many Conveniences

AE Online Slot Games Provide Many Conveniences

Playing online slot games always gives an extraordinary impression and experience. Especially if you play with one of the biggest game providers AE Slots or AMEBA. The popularity of AE (AMEBA) as an online slot game provider is no longer in doubt. There are many types of slot machine games that you can play here. The visual appearance of attractive graphics is a plus for this provider.

With only 1 user-ID, you can enjoy a huge variety of games. Certainly to be able to get the win. You have to master and understand slot games first. So that later you can also find it easier to find out which machine is easiest to win.


On the interface of AMEBA (AE) Slots, you will find a menu like the following!

  • SEE ALL = In this menu, you can see the complete list of all the games that AE Slots or AMEBA has to offer.
  • POPULAR GAMES = Contains games that most AE Slots bettors or gambling players are interested in.
  • SLOT GAMES = Displays all types of slot games available in the Ameba (AE) Slots provider.

There is also a display of the “Search” feature which allows you to search for engine names as desired. So here, all you have to do is type in the name of the slot machine as you wish.

To start playing, all you have to do is choose the slot machine you want. In it, 2 options appear, namely: DEMO and PLAY. The difference, DEMO: is that it allows you to play without the need to spend a penny or for free. Meanwhile, for PLAY: you play with real money. This means that you have to make a deposit (deposit funds) first.

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So in this online slot gambling game, you can see an interesting and very funny appearance. The attractive graphic display here will make the AE SLOTS BABY MONKEY game so attractive to bettor. AE SLOTS BABY MONKEY here, you play 30 lines. So later the total bet you make is multiplied by the number of lines.

  • BET – 30: means the total lines that you will play.
  • CREDIT VALUE: is to set the bet value for each line. Where the highest value in the credit value here is 10 and the lowest is 1. You can set it by clicking the “+ / Plus” button to increase or “- / Minus” to decrease.
  • TOTAL BET: The multiplication result of the BET X CREDIT VALUE or the total bet you place for 1 SPIN. For example, here you enter the value 1 in the CREDIT VALUE column. Then the total bet value is 1 X 30 = 30 for 1 time BET.
  • MAX BET: Is to set the maximum bet value for 1 SPIN that you do.
  • “LIGHTNING” VISUAL DISPLAY: Is turbo mode. To make 1 game round / SPIN run faster.
  • AUTO PLAY: So beside this menu, there is an auto play feature. So that later you can set the number of SPIN automatically. Starting from 5 X, 10 X, 25 X, 1000 X and infinity.
  • WIN = is the amount of winning money you get on 1 spin (SPIN).
  • CASH BALANCE = The amount of virtual chip balance you currently have.

To play the BABY MONKEY machine, please click the big “SPIN” button.

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Then there is another menu that is no less important for you to learn. The menu position here is to the left of the BET box. When opening it, the following display will appear:

  • PAYTABLE: Here contains payment information for each combination of images formed after the online slot machine is played (SPIN). An example is the picture “Watermelon”. It says 5: 800, 4: 150, and 3: 40. This means that when you get 3 pictures of “Watermelon” then it pays 40 X the stake, 4 not 150 X and 5 pieces of 800 X the stake.
  • SETTINGS: So here you can customize the game as you wish. Like the display of the discussion. There are several language options including: English, Hong Kong, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Spanish. For the “AUDIO” menu, you can choose to activate or deactivate the Sound Effect and Ambience Sound as desired. While your “OPTIONS” can be active / not:
  • USE “SPACE BAR” as SPIN = Play / SPIN by pressing the SPACE button.
  • AI HOSTING FOR AUTO SPIN = Automatic Computer Assistance for AUTO SPIN.
  • QUICK SPIN MODE = On / off fast mode.
  • SOUND: You can turn on or off (Mute) the background sound of the game.
  • UI DESCRIPTION: Is information about the features provided.
  • HOME: Returns to the main page of the AE (Ameba) Slots game.

You can also immediately change the AE Slot game machine by clicking the “>>” button on the left side of the machine situs judi slot online. A display of other games offered by AE Slot will appear. So that later you can go straight in without the need to return to the main menu. Above it, there is a “Mailbox” or “Message” image. So here contains important information about events and news about the AE Slots game. So that later you will never miss the slightest information.

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Most of the AE slot games have almost the same interface. Of course this makes it easier for you to achieve the biggest win when playing on the best Indonesian online slot sites and the official Online Slot Betting Games.

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