Attractive Bonuses in Jelly Fish Flow Slot Gambling

Attractive Bonuses in Jelly Fish Flow Slot Gambling

Hi everybody. Back again with the admin who never gets tired of discussing online slot gambling games. On this occasion the admin will discuss interesting bonuses from the jelly fish flow online slot game.

Jellyfish flow is made by one of the popular slot gambling providers, Habanero. At the beginning of the game the admin is sure you will think that this is just a classic online slot game because it only has 3 reels 3 rows with old-fashioned gameplay. But don’t get me wrong because Habanero includes several modern and innovative mechanisms in jelly fish flow slot gambling, including bonuses which will be the core of this discussion.

Jellyfish Flow Online Slot Explanation and Gameplay from Habanero

Jelly fish flow slot gambling game has a 3×3 arrangement with 27 paylines. Players can bet between 15 coins to a maximum of 150 coins for each spin. The RTP that Habanero includes in this jelly fish flow game is 96.69 percent. Thus, online gambling players have the opportunity to win 96.69 coins for every 100 coins placed as bets.

Meanwhile, judging from the name, it can be guessed that the jellyfish flow game has an underwater life theme. That is true, but it is different in general that the symbols in this game are displayed in the form of colorful jelly.

The soundtrack of this game will make online gambling players calm, because there will not be too much music and the sound of the waves is more dominant. Coupled with the background in the form of fish swimming here and there, this one game really offers modern slot gambling gameplay.

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How Ultra Jelly Fish Flow Slot Gambling Mode Works

Then where is the interesting bonus from this online slot game made by Habanero? It is in the ultra mode which will trigger the online gambling player by the appearance of the jellyfish symbol on the reels.

When the player successfully triggers the ultra mode, the reels can expand up to 7×7 and the winning method will also swell up to 823,543. With the increase in paylines, this will affect the prizes that online gambling players will win. In ultra mode in the jellyfish flow online slot game, online gambling players have the potential to win up to 32,416x the bet.

For an explanation, when the jellyfish symbol appears, the reels will increase every time you spin up to a maximum of a 7×7 arrangement as the admin meant above daftar rfbet99. So not immediately when a jellyfish symbol comes out, the reels immediately become 7×7. And please note that every spin of this ultra mode, the jellyfish symbol will move up. Well, if you have reached the limit or are out of the reels, the game will return to normal mode.

Does the advantage of ultra mode in the jelly fish flow online slot game only lie in expanding the reels? Of course not, because the jellyfish symbol will act as a wild ready to complement other symbols and help online gambling players get a winning line.

In addition, the volatility of this online slot game in ultra mode also increases up to 9x, so it will be easier for players to win. Thus the explanation of the interesting bonuses in the jelly fish flow slot gambling game made by Habanero. Hopefully the info that the admin has shared can be of use to you. Thank you and see you again.

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