Easy Way to Play MG Microgaming Online Slots

Easy Way to Play MG Microgaming Online Slots

Lots of online gambling enthusiasts who decide to play MG Slot games compared to other types. Why? This cannot be separated from the many advantages offered by MG online slots. Of course, with the sophisticated system on offer, gambling enthusiasts can channel their hobbies while pursuing big profits much more easily and quickly.

MG [Microgaming] is one of the largest and best online gambling game developers in the world. There is no doubt about MG’s reputation in the world of online gambling. There are so many choices of the most complete online gambling games in it. And one of Microgaming’s excellent products is online slot gambling that can be play at . One type of machine gambling whose popularity is no longer in doubt.

When you play MG Slots, there are tons of games to offer. Are as follows!

  • SEE ALL: In this menu, you can see all the games offered on MG (Microgaming).
  • POPULAR GAMES: Contains the most popular and popular MG slots games today.
  • PROGRESSIVES: You can enjoy online slots games with progressive prizes. Where the total value of the main prizes in this “Progressive” game will continue to increase as you use it.
  • LIVE DEALER: You can enjoy games with the Live Dealer display. Seen a sexy and beautiful dealer who is ready to guide the game.
  • SLOT GAMES: In this menu, you can see tons of online slot games that you can play later.
  • CARDS AND TABLES: There are interesting casino games like Roulette, SicBo, Baccarat and many more.
  • VIDEO POKER: There are tons of interesting online poker games available here. Like 4 Play Deuces Wild, 4 Play Joker Poker and many more.
  • MORE: You can enjoy other interesting games. For example: Premier Racing, Super Zeroes, Six Shooter Looter Gold, and so on.
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Here, you can search for games as you wish by using the “SEARCH” feature that has been provided.


In order to enjoy MG (Microgaming) online slot gambling games, you only need to click the image as you wish. Here, there are 2 features, namely:

  1. DEMO: With this “DEMO” feature, you can play the slot gambling game without having to spend a penny or FREE.
  2. PLAY: Meanwhile, “PLAY” is used if you really want to play with real money.

In every game offered by this trusted Indonesian online slot site, there is always a history of the results of each player’s round. This history data will help you control the total bets that have been made. For example, in the BADMINTON HERO MG Slots game there is information about:


  • STARTED AT: Starts on the date and time.
  • START CREDITS : Modal awal.
  • ENDED AT: Last time played.
  • END CREDITS: Ending balance earned.

You can also set the history list starting until the desired time in the “Show My Login Sessions For” menu. Where the BADMINTON HERO MG Slot game machine uses 5 rolls.

Then, there is the Menu: SETTINGS which contains Sounds and Quick Spin settings situs judi slot. Second is PAYTABLE. In this menu, there is complete information about the combination of images and fees that can be obtained. Written 5 – 60.00, it means that if the picture comes out 5 reels, the payout is 60 X BET. Then 4 – 10, then 10 X BET and so on.

On the lower left, there is information on the bet balance in your account (ID). The way to start online slot betting is also very simple. You only need to determine in advance the total amount of BET that is made for 1 SPIN. The minimum BET SIZE is 0.50 and the maximum is 5.00. BET VALUE is the total reel that you will play later. There are 1 – 10 to choose from. So the total BET value for 1 SPIN is BET SIZE X BET VALUE. For example, you place BET SIZE 5.00 and BET VALUE 10, then 1 SPIN will swallow a total bet of 50.00.

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Apart from that, you can also set AUTOPLAY in all MG slot games. In this BADMINTON HERO game, there are several choices, including 25 X, 50 X and 100 X. Then select the “Start AutoPlay” menu. Then the machine will rotate automatically as much as 25 X, 50 X or 100 X as desired.

All types of Card and Table games, Live Dealer, and Video Poker. All of them are available “Demo” features. So that later you also have the opportunity to try playing for free or for free here. For example here you are playing DOUBLE POWER POKER. Please click the “Click To Enter Game” menu to continue the game.

In this game, you can find out the total pay-out obtained in detail on the left side of the game. COINS is used to determine the payout to be obtained. With a minimum value of 1 and a maximum of 5. It can also be interpreted that this is a bet on the amount of REEL as in the slots game. Then COIN SIZE is the one at stake. So that later, 1 DEAL / SPIN costs COIN SIZE X COINS. After that, you just have to click “DEAL” to start the game. You then just have to choose the card to hold or hold. Cards that are not held will be randomized again by clicking the DRAW button. From here, you can see the payouts you get based on a combination of 5 cards and payout.

This is the guide to playing MG (Microgaming) online slot games which are very simple and easy for you to learn. By understanding all the rules of online slot gambling. Then you are not difficult to get paid regularly every day.

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