Easy Ways to Place Sportsbook Bets in Online Football Betting Games

Easy Ways to Place Sportsbook Bets in Online Football Betting Games

The online soccer betting game is one of the largest and most trusted online soccer gambling vendors in the world. By carrying out modern technology and indulgent features, the Online Football Betting Game is always able to provide the best online gambling experience. It is not strange that now more and more gambling fans [bettor] want to play in Online Football Betting Games at.

Sportsbook type bets are indeed a mainstay of the Online Football Betting Game. The number of enthusiasts for this type of bet is indeed extraordinary. Especially for soccer. Even so, there are still many people who are hesitant to start. Even though playing on the Online Football Betting Games offers the greatest advantage. The reason is because the player does not know exactly how to play sports betting at the world’s best soccer betting vendor, Online Football Betting Games.

Guide to Playing Online Football Gambling in Online Football Betting Games

The online soccer betting game has a very simple appearance. The colors and modern web design will definitely spoil the customers even more. Moreover, on the website, there is important information that is updated all the time. So that later the players will never lose or miss even the slightest important information on online soccer betting.

You also have quite a lot of language choices, including Indonesian. Surely this will make it easier and at the same time smoothen out all your sports betting activities in the Online Football Betting Game. There is also information on “Available Balance” and “Payable” on the main page.

One of the advantages of the Online Football Betting Game is the timing menu. There are several options that you can use to make it easier for bettors on this menu. That is :

  • All Time
  • Now – 03 AM.
  • 03 AM – 07 AM.
  • 07 AM – 11 PM.
  • 11pm – 03pm.
  • 03 Afternoon – 07 Evening
  • 07 PM – 11 PM.
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You can also change the appearance of the Online Football Betting Game website with several line choices. Such as: 1 line, 3 lines, 5 lines and all markets. Then you can sort the match events that take place according to time or normal. There is also an option to view the league which you will see later. Of course this further simplifies the betting process that you will do in the Online Football Betting Game.

Guide to Playing Sportsbook in Online Football Betting Games

On the left menu of the Online Football Betting Game website, there are many sports that you can choose at will. Starting from: Football, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey and many more.

For the “Football” menu, there are several betting options, namely:

  • Live = An ongoing match.
  • Today = Match that is currently or will take place on that day.
  • Initial = Match that will take place the next day or the day after.

Then there are several markets such as: 1 X 2, HT & FT, Team Total, Mixed Parlay, First Bet, and Simultaneously. You can also choose according to your ability. There is also a “RESULTS” menu which will make it easier for you to see the final score of a soccer match or other sports.

With the modern features offered by Online Football Betting Games, you can watch the match LIVE STREAMING. In the LIVE feature here, you can see the game’s progress statistics much faster and more accurately.

How to Place an Online Ball Betting Game

To pair online soccer gambling with the Online Football Betting Game is also very simple. You just have to click on the odds value provided in the bet bar. Then, you will be presented with a BET SLIP which contains the SINGLE menu: Single Bets, PARLAY and TEASER.

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After clicking the number in the match column, enter the bet value as desired. The minimum bet value is 10 credit points or IDR. 10,000. Then tick the small box that says “accept a better chance” and select the button “BET” then “OK”.

In the right menu, there are several columns that you should know their respective functions. Among others are the following!


Money Line = So you could say this column is a 1 X 2 market type. You have to guess whether the home team wins, the visitors win or draw. Please click on the odds in each position then enter the bet value judi bola online. Bet result in this column is ALL MATCHES or 2 X 45 minutes.

RTGN = Is for the ASIAN HANDICAP (HDP) market. Online soccer gambling players also call it POOR. The match result that is used as a reference is 2 X 45 minutes.

Over Down = or OVER UNDER is the pair for a total goal of 2 X 45 minutes or the ENTIRE GAME. So later, whoever club wins will not affect the results of the Over-Under Online Football Betting Games.


  • Money Line = For this column, the bet result is determined only 1 X 45 minutes or the first half.
  • RTGN = You play poor market soccer gambling for a result of 1 x 45 minutes.
  • Over Down = Guess or bet the number of goals that occur in the 1st half or 1 X 45 minutes.
  • Odds Calculation / Kei Gambling Sportsbook Online Football Betting Game

So, from here on you need to know how to calculate the paid commission in a sports bet in the Online Football Betting Game. Suppose you place a bet on a Spanish La Liga match between Real Madrid vs Atletico. In this market, there are 3 bet values ​​available, namely: 0.5, 0.5 – 1, and 0 – 0.5.

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5 or 1/2 = If the match results in a draw or Real Madrid loses. Then the bet will be declared FULL LOSE. You will get a full win or FULL WIN when Real Madrid win by a minimum difference of 1 goal.

5 – 1 or 3/4 = If the match ends in a draw or Real Madrid loses. The bet results in FULL LOSE. When Real Madrid are only able to win by 1 goal difference, you will only get a half win (1/2 WIN). So here, Real Madrid must win by a minimum difference of 2 goals or more for FULL WON bets.

0 – 0.5 or 1/4 = You will lose half (1/2 LOSE) if the match ends in a draw. However, if Real Madrid wins by a minimum difference of 1 goal. Then the bet will be FULL WIN.

While the calculation of odds or kei can be seen based on the color and also the minus (-) symbol. So when you place a bet at minus (-) value and it is red, you will have to pay a larger amount of money. You will also only receive a payment equal to the value of the bet. As for black without the minus (-) symbol, you will get paid a little more when you win and will only lose according to the bet.

Thus the discussion about the guidelines for playing sports betting in the Online Football Betting Game. That way, you can carry out all gambling activities very simply and smoothly.

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