Easy Ways to Play Online Football Betting Sports Betting

Easy Ways to Play Online Football Betting Sports Betting

The world of soccer gambling has developed so rapidly from time to time. Games that initially can only be enjoyed in person. Now it can be accessed much simpler. Now, someone can place their bets freely without being constrained by place or time.

Even now, one can place bets only by using all types of cellphones (Gadgets) and a stable internet network connection. A player can also play directly through all browser applications. Or players can also download online gambling games  that are provided for FREE (FREE) on the App Store (iOS / iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Together with Online Football Gambling, you can place bets much more freely. There are tons of the most profitable markets here. This is because online soccer gambling is Asia’s most professional and best sportsbook bookie right now.

The reputation of online soccer gambling in online soccer betting games as Asia’s largest online bookie is no longer in doubt. Especially here, a player can place a bet with a much smaller capital than other bookmakers.

The sensation of the best experience of playing sportsbook online soccer gambling

There are several unique features that make online soccer betting (sportsbook) quite attractive. Like the addition of shortcuts that make betting runs much simpler than before.

In the top right menu bar, there are 3 main menu options:

  • BET LIST = In this menu, a player can view the bets that have been placed.
  • REPORT = Then here, you can see the history of sportsbook bets that have been played before. In this menu, there is the amount of turnover, credit / debit and balance you have.
  • RESULT = Is about the results of the match report that have been bet. Or some matches are canceled due to some problem so that bets are considered invalid.
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In Football Online Gambling, you can also sort any competitions that will be displayed in the main menu. You can even choose ODDS here. There are several choices of sportsbook betting ODDS. Among others :

  • IDN = Indonesia
  • CN = Tiongkok.
  • US = Amerika
  • DEC = Decimal.
  • MY = Malaysia.

Then there is a menu “QUICK BET” which you can check (active) or not. This feature allows you to place a bet with just 1 click.

Calculation of Odds / Kei Gambling Value in Online Football Gambling Sportsbook

In the menu on the left side of the Judi Online Bola website, there are several important menus. There are 3 options:

  • BEGINNING = This means matches that will only be played the next day or the next few days.
  • TODAY = The match that will take place on that day.
  • LIVE = You can view matches LIVE in this menu.

Then there are many sports betting options that you can play at Online Football Gambling. Among others: Football, RNG Keno, E-Sports, Basketball, Baseball, Snooker / Pool, Cricket and many more.

In the Football menu, for example, you can see various types of markets that can be bet on. Call it like HDP & OU, 1 X 2 Match Odds, Correct Score, Odd Even, Total Goal, First Half / Full Time, First Half / Full Half Odd Even, First Goal / Last Goal, Mixed Bet and Outright.

The betting process here is also very simple. You just have to click on the odds numbers for each match provided. In the columns:

  • HDP = This means that you place a Handicap bet (HDP) for FULL TIME or 1 full match 2 X 45 minutes.
  • O / U = You have guessed the total number of OVER / UNDER goals in FULL TIME or 2 X 45 minutes.
  • 1X2 = If you place 1 = Host Wins, 2 = Away Team Wins and X = Draw. These results are taken 1 full match (FT).
  • HDP = In this menu, you install Handicap (HDP) for the result of 1 X 45 minutes or 1 Half (Half) only.
  • O / U = You guess the number of goals that will occur whether it is OVER / UNDER within 1 HALF or 1 X 45 minutes.
  • 1X2 = If 1 = Host Wins, 2 = Away Team Wins and X = Draw based on 1 X 45 minutes or 1 Half (round) only.
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For example, you click a black number with a value of 1.50 and place a bet of Rp. 100,000. If the team gets the victory. Then the virtual / chip balance in your account will increase by Rp. 100,000 + Rp. 150,000 = Rp. 250,000. However, it is different if the result is you lose. Then the amount of money you have to pay is Rp. 100,000 or equal to the number of bets placed.

Second, suppose you click the red number with a value of -2.29 and place a bet of Rp. 100,000. When the staked team wins, the commission you get is Rp. 100,000 or equal to the stake. Meanwhile, if you lose, then you also have to pay Rp. 229,000.

Playing online ball gambling parlay bets is much simpler

Parlay Betting or Sportsbook Mixed Betting Online Football is much simpler. Because here there are several menus that make it easy. You are also not only able to place parlay bets from soccer matches judi bola sbobet. But also for all sports. You can also sort them by clicking the menu above the bet box. There are several menu options that you can check, namely: All Sports, Football, Basketball, Darts, E-Sports and Finance. Surely this makes it easier for you to try to catch the biggest advantage of the Mix Parlay type of market.

In this mixed or parlay bet, at least a bettor must enter 3 matches directly. If only 1 match is declared LOSE FULL, all bets on the parlay package will be declared VOID.

That was the guide on how to play sports betting or sportsbooks in Online Football Gambling. With only coins, a player can get the biggest gambling advantage much more simply.

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