Easy Ways to Play to Win GPI Online Slot Games

Easy Ways to Play to Win GPI Online Slot Games

The popularity of GPI Slots is no longer in doubt. Dozens or even hundreds of online slot machines are offered. Each machine also offers fantastic benefits and maximum thrill experience. A “unique” and unforgettable experience can always be obtained by a GPI Slots player.

GPI itself stands for Game Play Interactive. An online slot game platform with slot gambling as the flagship. The full concentration of the GPI platform on online slot games makes the quality of all machines extraordinary. You can also try lots of slot machines so easily. The lightweight WAP system makes loading slot machine games less time-consuming.


Indonesia’s online slot site has very few banners. There is not a single advertising banner that will only make players feel uncomfortable. There are only flagship or new games banners offered by GPI Slots at the very top. From here, you will definitely never miss the slightest information about the development of online slot games.

Above the up-to-date online slot game information banner, there is a search field. Here, you can search for the name of the slot machine as you wish. You also have 4 different options here, including:

  • ALL = Show all the GPI slot games offered.
  • NEW = This menu is used for online slot machines that have recently come out or been offered.
  • CHOICE = Contains selected or recommended online slot games.
  • TOP = The machines on this menu are indeed the most popular and many played.

To play the desired slot machine game. Please choose a box image with the slot machine theme as you wish. Then here, you will be presented with 2 options. Namely: “PLAY NOW” and “TRY NOW”. What is the difference?

  • PLAY NOW = This means that you play immediately by involving real money directly in each round of the game.
  • TRY NOW = You first try the machine for FREE or FREE. So that later you will have no problems when playing with real money.
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The loading process of each GPI slot game is also very light. This cannot be separated from the use of a modern and sophisticated WAP system that is included in it.

The first example is the slot machine game BAI YE XING FU. In this game, you will get the sensation of experiencing Chinese culture-themed slot machines. After opening it, click “CONTINUE” to enter the game.

You will also be faced with a machine with several Chinese-themed images. There are several important menus that players must understand before playing! Among them:

Image “i” = contains detailed information of the game BAI YE XING FU. So here, there is payment information that you will later get when you get a certain combination of images. Like for example 3 X 250, 3 X 75, 3 X 60, and so on. There are also 9 paylines that show you won the game situs judi slot.

There are also WILD pictures in this game. When you get 1 WILD Image, then you get a payout of 3 X. 2 WILD with a win of X 9. And 3 WILDs give the highest payout.

  • AUTO SPIN = Function to set the number of automatic laps that you will do. There are 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and unlimited.
  • MAX BET = Place the maximum bet. With a minimum provision of 0.10 and a maximum of 25.00. For example, if here you install 1.00 with 9 fixed lines. Then the total stake for each SPIN is 9.00.
  • BET LEVEL = Number of lines to bet. Where the numbers 1 = 9 Line, 2 = 18 Line and 3 = 27 Line.
  • TOTAL BET = Total stake to be paid per SPIN.

To start the game, please click the GREEN button. Then the engine will spin and stop with a special combination. If you win, a payment image will appear as well as the number of lines won.

The next example is GOLDEN INK RAT. This online slot gambling game also carries a Chinese theme culture. There is a unique rat figure that is quite eye -catching. In principle, the menu display in this game is the same as before. There is a menu “I”, “AUTO SPIN”, “MAX BET” and so on. But in this game, there are 5 reels or 2 more than BAI YE XING FU. Certainly the chances of winning and at least a little more bet.

The third is SONGKRAN: SUMMER SPLASH. This game uses 3 reels. Later, a player can choose the odds or BET level on the left side of the machine. There are several options, including: 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10. The minimum bet is 0.20 and the maximum is 20. So, the total BET value for 1 X spin will be BET X BET LEVEL. Suppose you have the values ​​20 (BET) and 10 (BET LEVEL). Then the total BET for 1 SPIN is 200. Meanwhile, other features are not much different from the previous slot gambling games. Surely this makes it easier for players to switch games without repeating or learning from scratch.

At the very bottom, there is account / username information. Among them:

  • TOTAL BET = Is the number of bets that you place for 1 spin (SPIN).
  • WIN = Your Total Win.
  • BALANCE = Total Balance currently in your account (ID).
  • TIME (GMT + 8).
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That was the complete guide information about playing the GPI online slot game (Game Play Interactive) that you should learn first. So that your desire to turn slot machines into your new livelihood will be more easily realized.

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