Fantan Online Casino Game Suitable for Beginners

Fantan Online Casino Game Suitable for Beginners

Online casino sites offer a wide selection of games. One of the most suitable games for beginners is Fantan game. The reason is because the rules are simple. Likewise, the choice of how to bet also varies so that the opportunity to win is wide open.

This Fantan online casino game was originally played with sticks, buttons and small bowls by people in China. Even though it is now played online, the media used to play is still the same. It’s just already in virtual form.

Or in other words the dealer who guides the game is still a real human. Likewise with sticks, bowls and buttons. It’s just that you will sit in front of a laptop or cellphone screen and play. To find out more fully about Fantan online casino gambling, let’s look at the following explanation to the end.

Guide to How to Play Fantan Live Casino Gambling

For general information and the first that Fantan online casino gambling uses numbers one to four as bets in the game. While the way to play Fantan will begin with the dealer collecting a number of shirt buttons on the table randomly into a bowl. After that the player will be given the opportunity to place a bet in a few seconds.

Then after that the dealer will open the bowl that has been filled with the buttons and then divide the buttons one by one in a row, where one row will contain four buttons. Well, the rest of the shirt buttons after being separated earlier will determine the winner of the bet.

If you play at a trusted online casino, it is clear that the fairplay guarantee is guaranteed. That’s because the dealer doesn’t touch the buttons with their hands at all when separating them from the bowl. Instead separate the buttons using a stick.

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Getting to Know Betting Options in Fantan Online Casino Gambling

In making bets there are several options that Fantan online casino players can choose from. And below is an explanation of some of these betting options as follows:

First, bet odd numbers for one and three. Players will get a win if the remaining buttons after being separated are one or three. The prize is 1:1 and the commission is reduced by five percent.

Second, bet even numbers for two and four Online Casino Indonesia. Players will get a win if the remaining buttons after being separated are two or four. The prize is 1:1 and the commission is reduced by five percent.

Third, bet for Fan Tan: Shen Sam Song or three possible numbers from 1, 2, 3 to win and if the remaining buttons are 4 then the bet is declared lost.

Fourth, bet on Nga Tan’s position or two possibilities. For example, you choose numbers 1 and 2 and will win if the remaining buttons are one and two. Meanwhile, if the remaining three buttons lose, and the remaining four buttons are considered a draw or draw.

Fifth, bet Kwok to win on the two possible numbers that come out. Then the sixth is bet Nim to bet on two numbers, one choice to win and another to draw. And the last is Fan bet for betting one number only in the game.

Thus a brief review that we can convey about the Fantan online casino game which is very suitable for new players.

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