Fruit Party 2 Pragmatic Play Slot Gambling Game

Fruit Party 2 Pragmatic Play Slot Gambling Game

For those of you fans of Pragmatic Play slot gambling, of course you know the fruit party game. Because it was very successful in attracting the attention of players, Pragmatic Play in 2021 has made a second sequel with the name fruit party 2 online slot game.

Definitely not curious about this iconic online slot game, considering the previous sequels were so interesting. And it just so happens that the admin has information about the fruit party 2 slot gambling game from Pragmatic Play for those of you who want to play it using real money.

Product Specification Fruit Party 2 Online Slot Game

Fruit party 2 is packaged almost like the first sequel, which is rural-themed. However, this online slot game has a better appearance with very fresh fruits such as plums, oranges, strawberries, apples and grapes.

The reel structure is also 7×7 and has 20 winning lines or paylines. What’s interesting is that the RTP and volatility of this slot gambling game are made higher, which are 97 percent and 5/5 respectively. With an RTP of 97 percent, if the coins at stake are 100, online gambling players can win back 97 coins. Meanwhile, with a high variance, online gambling players can win more often when playing.

The smallest bet amount in this online slot game is 200 rupiah, while the largest is 1,200,000 rupiah. And meanwhile, the biggest prize that can be won from the Fruits Party 2 slot gambling game is 5000x the player’s bet. As an illustration, just placing a bet of 1,000 can bring home a victory of 5 million rupiah.

This is the Fruit Party 2 Pragmatic Play Slot Gambling Game Features

And the last is information about features. In this online slot game released by Pragmatic Play situs depobos, there are 4 types of features. Although not too much, it is guaranteed to make you lucky players to have played fruits party 2.

  1. Scatter, where this feature will appear on each reel. When there are 3 or more scatter symbols, players will get an immediate prize of up to 100x the bet. And that’s not all, if 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, players will get free spins.
  2. Tumble feature, where this feature will appear every time the player wins. In general, this feature is known as cascading reels, where the winning symbol will disappear and the symbol above it will go down. If you are lucky, the symbols that fall can trigger a win again.
  3. Free spins, where there are certainly many who understand this feature. Yes, this is the free spins feature in online slot gambling games.
    a. 3 scatters 10 free spins.
    b. 4 scatters 12 free spins.
    c. 5 scatters 15 free spins.
    d. 6 scatters 20 free spins.
    e. 7 scatters 25 free spins.
  4. Random wild multiplier, where this feature will appear randomly during free spins and also after the player wins. So this feature will replace another symbol, and if it becomes a win, the profit is multiplied by the number according to the number in the random wild multiplier symbol. What makes this feature so advantageous is that the multiplier can reach 729x.
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And here’s information about the fruit party 2 Pragmatic Play online slot gambling game. Hopefully useful for those of you who want to play and happy betting.

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