Get to know the types of progressive jackpots and win them in slot gambling games

Get to know the types of progressive jackpots and win them in slot gambling games

Progressive jackpot bonuses are currently the focus of online slot gambling game players. Progressive jackpots are in high demand because as long as no one has managed to win the jackpot, the value of the best online slot sites will continue to increase until they become very large.

Certainly the progressive jackpot bonus has a minimum value, and when a player manages to win the mega jackpot, the jackpot value is reset to the minimum jackpot value. Maybe there are still many players who don’t know that in slot gambling games, especially those with progressive jackpots, there are regular jackpot variations ranging from mini jackpots, big jackpots, mega jackpots and jackpots.

For example, the mini jackpot value starts at 100,000 rupees, while the big jackpot is 500,000 rupees, the mega jackpot is 10 million rupees and the mega jackpot is 100 million rupees. Progressive jackpots are attractive because they increase in value every second if no one else wins them. Not all slot gambling games have progressive jackpots, so you have to be smart in determining which slot gambling games have progressive jackpots.

If you play on a trusted online slot site, don’t be afraid to look for online slots with progressive jackpots. All you need to do is enter the game and look at the online slot machines with the values ​​below, with numbers that continue to grow, which means the game has a progressive jackpot. Of course choosing a jackpot progressive online slot does not mean you will definitely win, but it is definitely more fun to play.

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Progressive Slot Gambling System

In fact, playing slot online pragmatic progressive slot gambling is not that different from slot games in general. However, this progressive slot is reflected in the jackpot nominal that will be awarded when a player wins. If you want to see the locking system on a conventional machine, we can see the difference.

For example, the first slot machine has a total jackpot value of IDR 3,000,000, and with a progressive slot the total can change to double or around IDR 6,000,000. How is that possible? With further exploration, the secret lay with the players themselves.

So, in an ordinary gambling system, the jackpot can only be won by one player. For example, the Rp 3,000,000 mentioned above is the result of a single machine pool bet. If there are other players who place bets on regular slots, this number will increase.

Unlike progressive slot gambling, each jackpot value displayed is a combination of different casino slots. If the casino has slot machines with the same number of jackpots, the slot machines must be progressive. This can happen because the progressive slots share the same server.

Progressive Slot Gambling Jackpots

The win rate depends on the number of coins put into the various online slots. The situs slot online online slot game itself has the following types:

Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot

This type of play is usually found in offline casinos but sometimes also at online casinos. The progressive version of this slot machine has nothing to do with other slot machine games, therefore the progressive jackpot value stored in this type of betting application is only obtained from the percentage of players using the application.

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Local Progressive Slot

These progressive slots are different online slot machines connected in an internal network. Overall, this type of slot machine belongs to the casino and is not the still sizable independent progressive jackpot. This type of jackpot involves several players at once and the jackpot automatically grows quickly. Sometimes having multiple players in this type of game can reduce your chances of winning at the same time.

Wide Area Progressive Slot

As with local progressive slots, the game application here will be linked to several casinos, both online and offline. This means that the higher the nominal progressive jackpot that can be won, but the more people are using it to win it. It is believed that only very, very happy people can win this kind of progressive jackpot.

Random Progressive Slot

This type is more common in offline casinos than in online casinos. Sometimes this type is called the “mystery progressive jackpot”. These types operate randomly and generally act as automata with several interrelated levels. In this type, players are more likely to win small but normal jackpots than other types with large but hard to find jackpots.


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