Guide on how to play SBOBET Dragon Tiger Betting

Guide on how to play SBOBET Dragon Tiger Betting

Guide to How to Play SBOBET Dragon Tiger Betting – Live casino Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest bets to play. Because players only need to guess the highest card value between dragon or tiger’s. Especially for this dragon tiger, it only uses 1 card per round. This makes the dragon tiger game very popular among bettors, especially parts of Asia.

Even though it looks easy to play, the game dragon tiger itself has several rules that must be understood. Although in fact the rules are almost the same as online baccarat betting. However, for the type of payment in the dragon tiger game, there is a slight difference. For the types of bets and payments, please see the explanation we provide below.

Guide on how to play the SBOBET Dragon Tiger Bet

How to Play SBOBET Dragon Tiger Live Casino Betting


This is the main bet that the daftar ion casino player can bet on the dragon / tiger position and will get a payout of 1: 1 the value of the bet placed. But the bet is half refunded if the cards are a tie.


Tie is a bet placed by the player for the card result between the dragon tiger is a draw or a draw. In the tie pair, players will get a payment of 8: 1 if the dragon and tiger card positions are the same.


A bet for the point value of dragon’s side or tiger’s side is odd or even Daftar Agen Judi Bola Resmi. This bet type will pay 1: 1 and the bet will lose if the result is 7.

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Big is a bet for the value of the dragon tiger side card, which is a large number from 8 to K. While Small is when the player bets for the value of the dragon tiger side card with small numbers starting from Ace to 6. In this bet the player will lose if the card comes out number 7 and the payout is 1: 1 bet value placed.


Red is when the player chooses a betting partner to guess the dragon tiger’s card is red. Meanwhile, it is black when the player chooses the bet when the card that comes out is black. This bet pays 1: 1 and the bet loses if the result is 7.

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In addition, when playing side bets, players will lose all their bets if the cards Daftar Agen Bola Terbaik dealt with a value of 7. As well as side bets only available in the first 50 games. Therefore, in the Dragon Tiger game the dealer will discard one card at the beginning of each round in the game. For card values, order from lowest to highest starting from Ace to King. Aces count as one, jack as 11, Queen as 12 and King count as 13.

So that’s how to play the dragon tiger bet, which we can convey to all of you. Hopefully this guide can help you win. If you want to play dragon tiger, please join the Online Casino Betting Game which is a live casino agent of SBOBET. With many bonuses that you can get if you play and join the Online Casino Betting Games. For more complete information, please contact the customer services listed below.



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