Guide to Playing QT Online Slot Gambling

Guide to Playing QT Online Slot Gambling

On the biggest and best Indonesian online slot site, you can enjoy so many games. One that is quite familiar and popular is QT Slots. There are lots of slot machine variants that you can enjoy here later. Each slot machine also carries an interesting theme. So that later making you as a player will not quickly feel bored.

QT itself stands for QTech. A name for the world’s largest and most professional slot game provider. Evidently, more and more people decide to play QT Slots at. The number of machines that continues to grow is also proof that QT Slots is the most bona fide provider today.

When opening the QT Slots menu, there are several main menus. Among them:

  • SEE ALL: This menu functions to display all games available in the QT provider (QTech). Not only slots, but other games are displayed.
  • POPULAR GAMES: There are many types of variants of the QT game that are popular or busy to be played by most bettors (gambling players).
  • SPORTS: Here, you can enjoy a very fun virtual sports game. Call it like: English Fast League Football Match, English Fast League Football Single and so on.
  • CRUSH CARD: In this menu, you can enjoy slot machines with the feel of a classic card game. One of them is Scratch Match.
  • SLOT GAME: This menu has a function to display all kinds of QT slot machines.
  • CARDS AND TABLES: From this “Cards and Tables” menu, there is a wide variety of online casino gambling games available. Among them: American Roulette 3D, Baccarat 777, Blackjack Lucky Sevens and many more.
  • OTHERS: There are 3 interesting game options in the “OTHERS” menu, namely Sic Bo 888, Mega Hot Bingo and Super Candy Bingo.
    You can also use the “SEARCH” column / menu to search for games by name.
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In every QT game, there is always a “DEMO” feature. Where later every player can try it first without the need to make a deposit or spend capital. Under “DEMO” there is a “PLAY” menu. To “PLAY” here, you must make a deposit first agen nova88. Because this menu makes you play by involving real money directly.


The game “5 LUCKY LIONS” is a popular QT online slot. This game carries the nuances of the BarongSay Chinese ethnic culture. This game has 6 reels with several symbols.

All game information is at the very bottom of the display. On the far left, there is a menu containing “QUICK SPIN” and “HOW TO PLAY”. In the “HOW TO PLAY” menu, a player can find out the rules of this game in detail. Then BALANCE is information on the amount of balance in your account (ID). Followed by “BET” and “WIN” is information on the total bet and winnings.

To start the QT (QTech) online slot gambling game, please first set the COIN that will be used for 1 SPIN by clicking the “- / minus” and “+ / plus” buttons. The lowest value is 0.01 and the highest is 5. Then, adjust the “BET LEVEL” in the same way. The lowest BET LEVEL is 1 and the highest is 10. BET LEVEL here means that you installed the number of lines. If you choose 10, then you install 10 different types of lines. The left side of the “BET LEVEL” button is “BET”, which is the information on the total bet that you place for 1 SPIN. BET here is the product of the BET LEVEL and COIN.

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In the middle, there is BET MAX. The function of the “BET MAX” button here is to place a bet with a maximum amount in 1 SPIN. Furthermore, there is AUTO PLAY which makes you rotate the machine automatically. And in the middle there is a symbol “PLAY” to turn the machine.


So in the Scratch Match QTech game, you can determine the number of cells to be played. Is there 20 or 10 by clicking the “- / +” button. Then the Cell Price is written as 1 Demo, then the price for 1 time to start here is 1 demo X 20 cells = 20. There are several choices of Cell prices, the cheapest is 0.01 and the highest is 40 demos. It says BONUS777 300 DEMO is when a player gets 777. To start, please click START and Stratch All. Then the card will be fully exposed.

Winning Number here is a number that must be in each cell. There is an odds value or payout in each number in the 20 boxes. For this game, you can set autoplay as many as 5 scratches automatically.


To play Sic Bo 888 gambling, a player must determine the number of chips that are wagered. Starting from 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 50. Then place it on the betting table ith the written numbers. Here, you can see the odds for each pair. For example, it says Two Number Pays – 10/1. So when placing this type of bet, you will get paid 10 X the bet. Then click the green “Play” button to start playing. If the table is lit or colored lighter then this is the result of the bet.

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This is the guide and how to play the QTech (QT) online slot game on OleGaming777 that you must understand first. So that later you will not experience many problems / obstacles when playing.

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