Playing Sakong online is the initial topic of discussion today. As a fairly new game, of course there are still many people who are still foreign and confused about how to play this Sakong city gambling . This Sakong city game has been present in Indonesia since the early 2010s and slowly this Sakong game is able to attract the attention of gambling fans in Indonesia to participate in playing this game.
Even though it is still somewhat inferior to other games such as poker, dominoqq, this Sakong fan cannot be underestimated because there are so many fans. Especially people in Indonesia.

> Definition of Sakong Online Card Gambling Game

Sakong is a game that comes from China. From the name alone, it can be known, and there is a translation in Mandarin. SA which means three, while Kong means king. So when the words from SA and Kong are combined, they become sakong, which can be called a game of three kings. Sakong is a game that comes from China. In ancient times, the way to play sakong was not like today, which is increasingly modern and advanced. The Sakong game is known as a chess game that uses 3 small stones and over time and the progress of the times and is slowly exchanged, it becomes a card that makes it easier to play Sakong online.

Along with the times, Sakong began to use playing cards. Until now, if you play Sakong city gambling, the betting media uses real money that is exchanged in the form of chips. The Sakong game is played, and the Sakong game is very easy to understand, even for a beginner. By carefully reading and understanding some of the short points below, you already understand what this Sakong city game is like.

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At first, the Sakong game had similarities with the bandarq game, the difference was that bandarq used playing cards. And read the calculation of the value by counting the number of values ​​on the card. Every member who plays the online Sakong city game will have the rights and privileges to become a dealer. To become a dealer bandar bola terpercaya must meet the requirements in the game.

> Calculation of Bandar Sakong Online Gambling

The way to calculate the largest value of Sakong is not the same as the game of bandarq, the largest value of the city of Sakong is the sum of values ​​up to 10. If you get a card that is worth 10 while placing a bet, then you will have the value of the bet you dadu online will be doubled the payment from the dealer inside game. This Sakong game only relies on the ability and speed of thinking of your IQ in playing. Because in the Sakong game, you are only asked to think quickly to add up the cards you get. The time given is quite short in this game, only 20 seconds is given to see and open the card.

When you install if you get a 10 card or get a picture card, all of these cards will be paid double and it is usually called you get the jackpot. You can get the jackpot if the card you get is listed on the jackpot menu and you buy the jackpot before the card distribution begins. situs poker idn bonus new member If you get the same card as the one on the jackpot menu and you don’t buy the jackpot, then you will not get the jackpot bonus.

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Practicing your playing skills is also very helpful for you to be able to win easily in playing. Because, by often practicing your playing skills, you are also sharpening your experience and feeling at online Sakong.

Thus the article this time that we can explain. Hopefully it is useful and helps all of you lovers of Sakong gambling. thank you

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