How to Play Online Slot PT

How to Play Online Slot PT

Various slot games with dozens of attractive themes are offered. Support for a modern and continuously updated system makes the PT (Play Tech) game always able to provide the maximum experience for every player. All games can also be enjoyed directly via the Android / iOS mobile (HP) as desired. Surely this makes players not only able to channel their hobby. But it can also start a new business with the most economical capital. Given that through online slot games, a person can earn tens or even hundreds of times the capital that has been spent.

So on a trusted Indonesian online slot site, you can immediately see lots of games when creating the “PLAYTECH” menu. You can also search directly for machines that are understood or “favorite” using the “Search” column. Later here, you can type in the name of the slot machine as you wish. Surely this is easier than looking for one by one. Given that PlayTech provides a large variety of games. There are several other menus that make the game easier to find / understand.

  • SEE ALL: From this menu, you can see all the games offered in 1 page.
  • POPULAR GAMES: Is a choice of games that are indeed quite popular and popular today.
  • PROGRESSIVES: Games in this category have progressive prizes. This means that the number will continue to increase from time to time.
    GOSOK CARD: You can enjoy Classic Slot Scratch or 3 Clowns Scratch games in this menu.
  • LIVE DEALER: Enjoy online gambling games with the Live Dealer display. Surely the most realistic impression you will get here. There are games such as 3 Card Brag Live, 7 Seat Baccarat Live, Age of The Gods Live Roulette and many more.
  • SLOT GAMES: There are many types of slot machines that you can access here.
  • CARDS AND TABLES: Enjoy the thrill of card gambling on a virtual casino gaming table that is very fun.
  • FIXED ODDS: In this category, you can play Rubik’s Riches as well as Cashblox.
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We take one of the most popular online slot games today, namely “Cowboys & Aliens”. This slot machine with the theme of cowboys and aliens is always able to give an attractive impression.

In the main menu bar (top), there are several menu options. Among them:

  • New Games
  • Classic Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Table Games
  • Progressive Games

So in each of these menus, you can select another machine directly. So that later you don’t have to bother returning to the main menu when you want to find new fortunes through other online slot games.

There is an “INFO” menu on the lower left side of the online slot gambling machine. This menu contains complete information about the pay or paytable that the player will get. You can also find out the 9 types of paylines that make you win or get paid when playing this slot machine provider.

Then there is the column “LINES = 9”. This means that here you install 9 types of lines for 1 SPIN. There is also “LINE BET”. You can adjust the value of “LINE BET” with the “- / +” button as desired. Where the lowest value is 0.01 and the highest is 0.40. Later the total bet for 1 X SPIN is the multiplication of the Lines X Lines Bet. You can find out the total BET value in the “TOTAL BET” column. Above the “TOTAL BET” column, the “WIN” column is available. Here is information on the amount of winning money you will get.

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Right column WIN & TOTAL BET, there is a menu “AUTO SPIN”. The function of this menu is to set how many rounds you will play automatically. There are 5 options, namely: 10 X SPIN, 25 X, 50 X, 99 SPIN and UNTIL FEATURE. Then there is the “TURBO MODE” menu which can make the game run much faster. Lastly is the “SPIN” button to turn the machine or start the game.


This game has a classic circus feel. Of course, this game is very easy and fast to understand. Where your job here is to place a bet by clicking the “- / + button

on “CARD PRICE”. You can also see information on the maximum winnings from the bet amount on the “WIN UP TO” menu. After that, you just need to click “SCRATCH ALL” to unlock all cards. There is also an AUTO PLAY menu that lets you open the card automatically. There are several options including: 10 X Scratch, 20 X Scratch, 30 X Scratch, 40 X Scratch, and 50 X Scratch.


So here, your job is simply to randomize the RUBICKs to form the correct order. You can set up BET by clicking the “BET -” or “BET +” button. Then there is the AUTO PLAY feature to randomize the rubick automatically. “TURBO MODE” is to make the rubick scrambler process animation run faster. And “PLAY” to start the game.

On the left, there are line payouts. So here, everytime there is a rubick color with the same 1 line. The details:

  • 1 line = 1.
  • 2 line = 2,50.
  • 3 line = 5.
  • 4 line = 6.
  • 5 line = 7,5.
  • 6 line = 10.
  • 7 line = 15.
  • 8 line = 20.
  • 9 line = 25.
  • 10 line = 35.
  • 11 line = 50.
  • 12 line = 100.
  • 13 line = 250.
  • 14 line = 500.
  • 15 line = 1000.
  • 16 line = 5000.
  • 18 line = 20.000 (JACKPOT).
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So here your payment can be seen from the WIN column. The calculation is very easy, namely the X lines payout bet value. For example, you put 5 for 1 play, so if 4 lines are formed then pay = 6 X 5 = 30 and so on daftar fastbet99.

That is the detailed information about the PT (PlayTech) online slot game that you must master. By understanding the basics above, of course, it will be much easier for you to play and win the game. sign up now.

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