How to Play the Easy and Most Effective Ceme for Beginners

How to Play the Easy and Most Effective Ceme for Beginners

How to play ceme is the first thing that beginners are usually looking for in the step of learning the online gambling game. Yes, this step is correct and must be done if you have the aim of  o different from other games that are also in the betting area. Played with the same betting system, using real money as a betting tool. If you want to win, inevitably mastering how to play is the most important thing that beginners must learn if you don’t want to lose a lot. So, what is the way to play ceme online that makes a Daftar Bandar Bola Online? Check out the following there is an explanation!

How to win to play ceme online, a profitable gambling game

Ceme online is played by 6-8 players who occupy one game table. And in this bet, the only game tool that can be used is a set of 28 dominoes. The betting system itself is quite similar to the bandarq online gambling game, which provides an opportunity for one of the players who meets the requirements to become a bookie. The role of the dealer in online ceme must be filled, otherwise the game cannot be started bandar bola terpercaya.

If all the game conditions have been met, the online ceme game can be started by distributing 2 cards randomly to each player who occupies a position on the game table. Both regular players or the dealer will be given 2 face-down cards which can only be opened and pitted after the 10 second countdown is over. The player will win if the dealer does not have a card with a larger number than him.

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The order of the highest scores in the online ceme game is counted from 0-9. Whoever becomes a player succeeds in obtaining a domino 9 or qiu-qiu card, then the player will receive a payment as much as 2 times the player who becomes a dealer.

Examples of How to Play Online Ceme Games

Let’s give an example of this game so that you can master how to win playing ceme online correctly. For example, in the first round of this game you play the role of an ordinary player and your friend plays the role of a dealer. The cards you get until the end of the round only have a value of 4, while your friend gets a card with a value of 6.

So you can be sure that the victory is in the hands of your friends who are the Agen Terpercaya Sbobet. But if the opposite happens, where you have a card of greater value than the dealer, then the victory in the game belongs to you entirely.

Then, what about players who have cards of the same value as the dealer? If this happens, the bet will be won by the dealer and the player will be declared the loser.

Get to know the Ceme Online special card

The next thing that should not be forgotten when learning how to win playing ceme online is the existence of special cards. In this online ceme game, there are as many as 4 special cards that can be the key to victory for every player. Starting from qiu-qiu cards, pure big and small cards, twin cards or balak cards and six gods cards. Each special card will pay you a bonus double the initial bet.

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That’s the easiest and most effective way to win playing online ceme for beginners, hopefully it can become additional knowledge.

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