Learn to Play Blackjack Kartu

Learn to Play Blackjack Kartu

Blackjack is a casino gambling game that is now very popular among gamblers. Even now you can find the game on online gambling sites that have the same way of playing, namely by trying to get the highest card value from the dealer’s card.

So for those of you who have never played this game, this is where you will get to know this blackjack game.


To be able to play blackjack is not difficult to do, if you know the basics of the game and the rules. In this game, playing cards will be used as a playing tool, which we know that playing cards are known for their 4 card symbols such as spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds.

Therefore, it is important for you to know that the role of these playing cards in the blackjack game, which later in this game does not affect the card symbol at all, but only the numbers on the card.

Because this game is a game to get the highest card value, then later you also have to know the value of each card.

Blackjack Card Value

In the blackjack game, there will be card values ​​starting from As-King which represent each symbol. So as one of the basics of this game qq poker online, you will be required to know the value of the card.

Here’s the value of each blackjack card:

  • Ace: This card has a value that can change according to conditions between 1 or 11.
  • Cards 2-10: These cards have the same value as the number listed as 2, so the value is 2 as well as other cards.
  • Jack, Queen and King Cards: The picture cards in this blackjack game will have a value of 10.
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Blackjack Game Command

Apart from the card values ​​that I have explained above, later you will also need to know each term for this blackjack game command.

Some of these commands include:

  • Hit: This word is a term for you to give orders to add cards. If you choose this order, the dealer will give you 1 card.
  • Stand: This word is a term for you to give orders not to add cards. If you choose this order, then the dealer will move on to another player or himself.
  • Double Chance: This word is a term for you to give orders, so that you can only add 1 card by doubling the bet amount. If you choose this command, then the dealer will only give you 1 card and continue to the next player or himself.

Blackjack Rules

After knowing the basics of this blackjack game, then you need to know the rules that apply to this game which of course is mandatory for you to know.

Here are the regulations:

  1. The highest score in this game is 21.
  2. If the player or dealer has a value exceeding 21, it is automatically declared a loser.
  3. The player must get the first turn in each game.
  4. The player is declared to win if he has a higher card value than the dealer.
  5. The player is declared to lose if he has a lower card value than the dealer.
  6. If you get the first 2 cards with the same number, then you will be given the opportunity to split, or make the card into 2 different bets.
  7. If the player has the first 2 cards of Ace and Jack Spades, then the player will get a betting prize of 1:10 of the bet amount bet.
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