Perbedaan Antara Slot Klasik dan Slot Progresif

Perbedaan Antara Slot Klasik dan Slot Progresif

In this article, I will provide information about the differences between classic slots and progressive slots in online slot games. Online slot games are currently on the rise in Indonesia. Of course, negotiating the slot gambling game is familiar to gambling enthusiasts in Indonesia. Yes, slot machine gambling games are already the most famous and there are not very few enthusiasts from ancient times to the present. However, in the past, slot gambling could only be played in a live casino location.

And thanks to the growth of internet technology at this time, it has made the positive consequences for gambling games easier for all players to access. At present, there are very many types of slot games offered at the casino’s residence, which can be enjoyed by all online slot gambling lovers. This is most helpful for Indonesian gamblers who find it most difficult to play gambling abroad. Especially with the many gambling websites that provide various types of slot servers with different variations and characteristics.

To get to know more about slot gambling games, all Indonesian gambling players must understand the types of slot games that exist. Basically, online slot gambling machines are divided into 2 types, namely classic slots and progressive slots. Maybe some of you don’t understand the differences between these 2 types of games. The following are the general differences between classic slots and progressive slots.

Difference Between Classic Slots and Progressive Slots

1. Difference in paylines

For classic slot machines, they only consist of 3 paylines or reels judi slot online, while progressive slot machines have more paylines or reels. The following payline differences that create the appearance of classic slots are simpler to look at when compared to progressive slots. For progressive slot machines themselves have a luxurious impression. The chances of winning are certainly more in progressive slot games, but of course the bets that players throw out are bigger because of the many paylines.

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2. Symbol Differences

For the symbols contained in classic slot gambling, you only use a number of symbols and will definitely make it easier for you to learn the bonuses or lines that you can get. On the other hand, progressive slots have a lot of symbols and sometimes even have a jackpot bonus which may appear randomly. The opportunity to get bonuses in progressive slot games is more numerous and is more often compared to classic slots, but the prizes you get are also smaller when compared to prizes from classic slots.

3. Number of types that exist

Currently, all online gambling servers choose to develop and present progressive slot gambling compared to classic slots. Classic slots still exist in slot gambling games, but the numbers are less if compared to progressive slot gambling which now has not very few variations and characteristics of the themes displayed.

4. Jackpot Prizes

The main difference between classic slots and progressive slots is the jackpot prize. Progressive slots have a jackpot that increases as more and more players play using the same slot game. In stark contrast to classic slots which have a jackpot value, the amount is often the same. So progressive slot games can provide a lot more jackpots than classic slot games. However, if someone has just found a jackpot in a Progressive slot game, the jackpot amount will be reset in the next game.

Those were 4 general points about the differences between classic slots and progressive slots. Back again for your individual taste, it’s more fun playing classic slots or progressive slots. If you are comfortable playing simple and easy to understand slot gambling, you can play classic slots. However, if you like playing with various themes and unique format variations, you can play in progressive slot gambling.

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