Poker Rules And Actions At IDN Poker Tables

Poker Rules And Actions At IDN Poker Tables

The IDN Poker Table Bet is an essential part of Online Poker and is strictly defined by the rules of poker to avoid confusion. There are basically five different actions you can perform on the table:


If you decide that you don’t want to play your hand, you can fold it any time while playing poker. But you only have to do it when it’s your turn to act on.


This action can only be done if no one has bet before you, but you have already contributed to the pot. Which means passing the action on to other players.

Preflop, this can only happen to Big Blind players if nothing goes up. And one or more players decide to call the initial number BB. Then players in Big Blind can check and see the flop.

However, each player can choose to check the postflop and pass the action on to other players or view the next card without investing again in the pot, if no one has bet before them.


Summons are the act of passively putting the same amount of money in the pot as the stake. You can call preflop and postflop bets. As long as you don’t want to fold your poker hand or increase that stake for more money in the middle.


Bet means placing a bet if nothing has worked before you. This refers to postflop action as if you choose to bet preflop idn play. That means you’re actually making a raise, which is the next term of the poker rules we’re going to cover.

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So if you see the flop, turn or river and your opponent checks and you decide to put some money in the pot, it means you’re betting because you were the first to put your chips in the middle in this particular round.


Last is to improve. This means you are past the top of the current bet made by the other player and re-opening the action. When you raise, the other player will have the option to decide whether he wants to raise, call, or fold your bet.

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