Rules for Playing the Online Sicbo Online Gambling Game

Rules for Playing the Online Sicbo Online Gambling Game

Procedures and Rules for Playing Sicbo Online. Sicbo games are games that are also interested in crowded people. The way to play Sicbo is rather easy, using three dice and used. Now technology has developed big enough so that you can play this game through this sicbo game also through cellular technology or smart cell phones or through a computer or usury computer. Sicbo is easy to play but the winning stages are also predictable. At first, players will be given the opportunity to make a choice of table booths that are already available in the game lobby.

While waiting for all players to be available, the dealer will give you the time to select a booth to bet on. Then you can choose one of the numbers that you need to consider in order to have a good chance of winning the bet. Three dice will be shaken by the leader after the leader will show you the result of the dice. If the dice decision is matched with your betting pair then you are entitled to receive all the values ​​placed on your opponent on the table. But to play sicbo games online is also not easy like sicbo land, because online you need to have tricks or play, here we will provide some tips or strategies for you, including the following:

Procedures and Rules for Playing Sicbo Online


In every sicbo game on every web page, of course the rules are not the same, of course different depending on the rules of the web page itself. For example, it may differ from a minimum deposit and a minimum outlay of at least 25 thousand and there is also a minimum of 50 thousand. But for that it is clear that the mounting system is still the same. Playing bets can also start with small bets, there is no need to go directly with big bets. The bet is Big or Small. Single number bet, two number bet, Total Dice bet, Odd / Even Bet, Twin Fight, All Triple Bet and Triple Choice Bet.

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If you are new to this game and find it difficult to try to find small bet numbers first. You may try to make the number on the 2 dice bet first. That way your chances of winning are much greater. But for that the chance of being able to win is indeed greater, but the winnings you get are also smaller than if you place a 3 dice bet, I don’t think if you are willing to accept a small prize.

Procedures and Rules for Playing Sicbo Online


A single number bet is an easy bet, for example the possible value of 1 to 3 of the dice representative shows the number you have selected situs judi online. In this bet you need to determine a favorite player to bet on. If the number of dice you need to select appears, then you are quoted to win the bet. But if on the other hand the number of dice you need to choose and the dice that appears is not commensurate then you are likely to lose the bet. Example of a prize / circulation if you bet IDR 50,000 on number 9 and then when you shake it from 3 dice But 2 of the 3 dice appear and number 9. Then the prize you can get is IDR 100,000.


The bet called three-bet is the toughest bet but it is the one that pays the most. With 150: 1 possibilities where you can get the most benefit. But you are required to choose a number. For example, if you bet IDR 10,000 for the number 4 on the triplet and the dice that comes out of the shaker is 4/4/4. You get a profit of IDR 1,500,000. But if on the other hand the number that comes out is like the number 2/2/2/2, then you will lose.

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Actually it is not difficult for you to win, if you already understand how the game is, it will certainly be easier for you to determine the formula or method you will use when playing. But you have to know exactly how to estimate the odds that arise in the betting game you choose. As you know, there are many possible big numbers on the Sicbo game board online.

The last rule that we will give is that you don’t need to be in a hurry to determine the numbers that you will create later. You may think at once so that the keeper gives you the opportunity to press the bet button and ask you to enter the amount you want to bet on the betting table. Those are the elders that we give you to play Sicbo Online. Don’t try to play by instinct alone. Because maybe your instincts will be fooled by the stars you place in the bet.

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