Steps to Play the Habanero HB Online Slot

Steps to Play the Habanero HB Online Slot

The popularity of online slot gambling in Indonesia is no longer in doubt. So many people love this game. The reason is, because slot games are indeed able to provide substantial profits with low capital. Moreover, slot games are also very simple. A player does not need to have a lot of special tricks and strategies to win. Only with luck or “hockey”, a player can get a profit tens or even hundreds of times the capital that has been issued.

HB Slot is becoming the most popular and favorite. HB itself stands for Habanero, the largest and most professional slot game provider in the world today. Various benefits are offered when you play Habanero (HB).

So when you first open the official Indonesian online slot site Habanero (HB), there is an attractive and light appearance. With a display like below!

  • SEE ALL = This view contains the games offered by the Habanero (HB) provider as a whole.
  • POPULAR GAMES = Is a list of HB Slots (Habanero) games that are currently in great demand and are played by many bettors.
  • SLOT GAMES = Displays all types of online slot gambling games provided by Habanero (HB) providers.
  • TABLE GAMES = You can enjoy your favorite and popular online casino gambling games here. Among them: American Baccarat Zero Commission, Blackjack 3 Hand. Dragon Tiger, Three Card Poker and many more.
  • VIDEO POKER = There are unique poker games in this menu. In the “VIDEO POKER” menu feature, you can feel the sensation of playing online poker + slots at the same time. Because this game is a combination of the two. You can also choose the number of hands cards to use. Starting from 1 hand, 10 hands, 50 hands or 100 hands.
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There is a “Search” button that you can use to search for games as desired. You only have to type the name in the column provided.


Below is a complete guide to the HB Slots game that you should know before starting to play real money joker123 deposit pulsa directly.


This game is one of the most popular in HB Slots. With the familiar Zodiacs theme. You can see the iconic zodiac display is interesting and quite unique.

On the bottom leftmost menu bar, there is a “menu” feature. In this feature, there are quick dial options “ON / OFF” and “See Additional Help”. When you open the “View Additional Help” feature, there is important information that applies to the machine. Starting from the minimum total stake, maximum bet, payment and much more.

Then, there are important features including:

  • BALANCE = The number of chips you currently have in online slot games.
  • BET = The total number of bets you make for each round of play.
  • “SOUND” IMAGE = You can choose to activate or deactivate the supplied sound while playing the game.
    “LIGHTNING” IMAGE = Activate or deactivate faster game features.
  • Then there is an image that is used to enable or disable FULL SCREEN or full screen on the far right.
    Above this menu bar, there are several buttons or other displays that you should also understand.
  • BALANCE = Total number of chips in your account (ID).
  • BET = The total value of your bet.
  • “BET MAXIMUM” button = Serves to set the bet line or level to the maximum total value.
  • AUTO PLAY = Useful for playing automatically without having to do SPIN repeatedly.
  • COINS = The number of coins you will bet. The lowest value is 0.01 and the maximum is 5. You can adjust it by clicking the “- (Minus)” or + (Plus) “button that has been provided.
  • BET LEVEL = You can increase and decrease the bet level. So here, the meaning is the number of lines that will be staked. Where the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 10. So that the total bet value for each spin is COIN X LEVEL BET.
  • PLAY = Start the game or play the slot machine.
  • IMAGE “I” = Contains information on the type of payment that you will get when you have this combination of symbols.
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For example: Image of mouse 5 Kinds = 188, 4 Kinds = 33 or 3 Kinds = 8. This means that when you get it, your slot gambling bet will be multiplied by the odds. For example, you get 3 pictures of mice, then 8 X the stake and so on.

Almost all HB Slots here have an interface as described above. So that later you can quickly and easily understand all the slot machines provided.


When entering the game “ACES & EIGHT 50 HANDS”, you can select the number of hands to be played. There are 5 choices including: 1 card, 5 cards, 10 cards, 50 cards and 100 cards. This number is the total cards that will be used in each game round. You just have to set the bet value by clicking the “- or +” button. Where the lowest bet value is 0.01 and the highest is 0.2.

Here, you are only high holding some of the total 5 cards face up. Then click “SERIES” to continue the game or roll back the cards that are not “Hold”.

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