The most complete and easy way to play the DT online slot game

The most complete and easy way to play the DT online slot game

Playing through the official Indonesian online slot site is indeed the best solution. Moreover, Indonesia is one of the countries that does not give permission or legality for all gambling activities. So it is too risky when Indonesians play landline or conventional slot gambling. Because there are always threats of arrest from the police or the authorities. Because a slot gambling player is deemed to have violated the law and will be subject to imprisonment and fines.

DT Slot is a game that is currently on the rise. So many online slot game enthusiasts choose this game. Besides being able to provide extraordinary entertainment, DT Slot also always provides unlimited benefits. Even by taking advantage of the cheapest capital or coins, a DT Slot player can take home millions of Rupiah every day.

DT itself stands for Dream Tech. A modern online slot game provider offering many variations of online slot game machines. Various themes of online slot machines are offered. Every day, there will always be new online slot game variants. Surely this will make a player not get bored quickly. Not even a few are “addicted” and find it difficult to stop playing it.


When you open the DT Slots game menu, you can see that there are many variations of machines that can be enjoyed using only 1 user-ID (account). There are several menus that will make it easier for you to play.

  • VIEW ALL = This menu serves to view all types of games provided by Dream Tech (DT).
  • POPULAR GAMES = Contains the most popular online slot gambling games and are in demand by the public.
  • SLOTS GAME = You can see so many variations of slot machines with different themes here.
  • TABLE GAME = From here, you as a player can enjoy the game “THE BIG BATTLE” which is no less exciting and profitable.
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There is also a “SEARCH” menu under that column. The function of SEARCH here is to make it easier for a player to find the name of the slot machine as desired.


One of the characteristics of DT Slot is that it displays unique animated characters. Like the characters in Dragon Ball, One Piece animation and many more. Surely this will provide fun and new experiences for slot gambling enthusiasts.

You can also take advantage of the “DEMO” feature to try to enjoy the slot gambling games offered by Dream Tech (DT). By using this feature, you as a player don’t need to spend a penny to try out the game. Surely this makes it easier for you as a newcomer to master it. So that the chances or opportunities to get a win are more realistic.

As an example for the game One Piece characters. You can choose a slot machine with the name “KING OF PIRATE”. With a sophisticated and modern system, the game loading process will not take long. Here, you will be presented with a machine with special reels for the main characters of the One Piece anime. Call it Cooper, Nico Robin, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and other interesting pictures about the One Piece anime.

The way to play it is quite simple. Please choose the number of bets that will be placed. You can see the virtual balance in your account (ID) in the upper left corner. Then here, you only need to click the “- / +” button on TOTAL BET. Written 0.10 X 50 on this “TOTAL BET” section. That is, the value of the bet 1 time SPIN is 0.10 X 50 = 5. The maximum here is 2 X 50 = 100 per SPIN.

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The MAX BET button here is to place a bet with the maximum bet value in the machine. Then the AUTO button is used to set the machine to rotate automatically without repeatedly clicking the SPIN button. So when you click the AUTO button, 5 choices will appear, namely 25 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X and 500 X rounds. You can also rotate the engine manually by clicking the “SPIN” button on the lower right or on the wheel of a rotating ship with Luffy on it.

If you need further information, please click the “RULES” button at the top right. From here, you will get complete detailed information on online slot games agen joker123. Start multiplying the fee you will get. For example the ZORO image with the words 3 X 100, 4 X 200, and 5 X 2000. This means here, if the ZORO image appears 3 pieces then the payout is 100 X bets, 4 pieces 200 X bets and 5 pieces with 2,000 X bets and so on. There is also a WILD image. So the WILD image function here is a FREE GAMES bonus. There is a bonus of 5 FREE GAMES to 20 FREE GAMES when someone gets a WILD image according to the conditions in the game “RULES”.

Above the RULES column, there is a settings menu. Here you can adjust Music and Sound. So when you turn on the music in this game. You can hear the OST song. from the One Piece card which is already very familiar. Then, HISTORY is a column that you can use to find out all activities.

Under the precise SETTINGS menu, you can also select variations of other online slot machine games directly. So that later you can immediately enter without returning to the main screen. You can also see the total winnings from all games on the top left of the TOTAL BET menu. It says WIN: 0.00. This means the total winnings (WIN) you get on that round.

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This game is similar to DRAGON TIGER in casino games. The way to place a bet is to select the number of chips by clicking on the picture: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100. Then place it on each of the available markets. Dragon (1,96X), TIGER (1,96X), WAJIK, DIAMOND, SPADE, CURLY (3,92X), TIE (X20), BIG-SMALL (1,96X) and so on.

That was the information about the guide to playing the DT (Dream Tech) online slots game that you should know first. So that you can get big wins from online slot gambling games at Ole777 Gaming.

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