The most complete PP online slot game guide

The most complete PP online slot game guide

PP slot or Pragmatic Play is one of the largest and best online slot providers in the world. Carrying a modern design, Pragmatic Play presents thousands of types of slot machine variants. All slot games can be enjoyed by players with only 1 user id.

One of the advantages of the Indonesia PP online slot site game is the “DEMO” feature for all machines. The “DEMO” feature here allows players to try out the machine first. Surely this can be done for FREE or FREE.

The first step, make sure you are a part of the official Pragmatic Play slot gambling site. Because no site offers online PP slot games. With the support of advanced features provided. The registration process here can be very fast and easy.

Then, select the “GAME” and “PRAGMATIC PLAY” menu. Here, you will be brought into the slot game menu. You can easily see the huge variety of slot machine types provided. All also have an attractive appearance and seem so elegant.

In the Pragmatic Play (PP) menu, you can see several main menus. Among them:

  • VIEW ALL = This menu serves to show all the games offered by Pragmatic Play.
  • POPULAR GAMES = You can easily see what games are very popular and in demand today.
  • SLOT GAMES = In this menu, you can see dozens of slot machines provided exclusively by Pragmatic Play.
  • TABLE GAMES = You can also enjoy online gambling games on the casino table directly here. There are games like Multihand Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, American Blackjack, Bull-Bull For Hundreds, Roulette and Keno.
  • VIDEO POKER = Is an online poker game that is quite unique and more challenging than usual.



In this pragmatic play or PP slot game, there are unique features that make it much easier for you to play. Namely with the “AUTOMATIC PLAY” menu. So this menu serves to make you play / SPIN automatically the PP online slot game at agen slot Gaming. You no longer need to repeatedly click the SPIN button to start playing. So in this feature, you can set AUTO SPIN as you wish. For example, auto spin 100 X, then you can play 100 rounds in just 1 click. There is also a choice of SPIN TURBO, SPIN FAST and THROUGHOUT THE SCREEN.

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To find out the payment that will be obtained from each combination. You just need to click the slow “I or i” at the bottom left side of the game screen. It will be clear the number of prizes that players will get from each combination formed.


For the Multihand Blackjack game, here you can place bets for a maximum of 3 parts of the card directly. First of all, please click on your stake by pressing the “+ / plus” and “- / minus” buttons. There are several chip pictures there starting from 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. Then click the box with the words “Click Profit Place Bets”. There are 3 boxes, if you click all, it means placing 3 bets at once. Then, click the “DEAL” button to get a card or continue the game. Or “Clear Bet” to cancel the bet.

Here, you will get 2 cards with an open condition in each position. While the dealer gets 2 cards 1 in a closed condition. You have to make choices here, including:

  • STAND UP = do not ask for an additional card.
  • SHOOT = increase the number of cards.
  • DOUBLE = Double the value of the bet.

After that, the bookie card will be opened to determine the outcome of the bet. If your card value is higher. Then you will get paid according to the odds value. Please select :

  • New Bet = To Start A New Game.
  • Re-bet = To re-place a bet with the same amount as before.

On the lower left side, there is important information. “CASH” = means the amount of chip balance in the account (ID). “TOTAL BET” = total bet that has been placed.

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The betting process in this game is similar to Blackjack. You just need to click “+/-” to determine the bet amount. Please click the market provided. There are several market options, among others:

  • WAJIK, DIAMOND, SPADE, CURLY 3: 1 payout.
  • LARGE – SMALL 1: 1 payout.
  • NAGA pays 1: 1.
  • MACAN pays 1: 1.
  • SUITED SERIES: 50: 1.
  • SERIES: 8: 1.

Then to continue the game, click the “FOR CARD” menu. The bet balance will increase and decrease automatically. Here, you can click on the menu: New Bet or Reset Bet to continue the game.


So in this game, you can play guess the numbers. There are several number choices that can be selected later. Starting from 1 – 80 numbers. You can choose several important menus. As :

  • PLAY 5 = Play 5 Live Spins.
  • PLAY 15 = Play 15 Jump Rounds.
  • PLAY 10 = Play 10 Jump Spins.

GENERATE 15 NUMBER = Choose 15 numbers at random.

To adjust the bet amount, select “- / +” next to the current balance you have. Menu UNDO = Cancel, CLEAR = Repeat guessing numbers and PLAY = start the game. So later, you can see the payout you get on the left of the number box. While on the right, there is Round and Hit information. Where later 20 numbers will appear out of each game round.


The very simple appearance of PP Roulette is one of the advantages of this provider. So later, all you have to do is set the value of the bet chip with the “- / +” button. Then place it on the virtual roulette game table as desired. Click the “SPIN” button to start playing. You will see a rotating digital roulette table. Your bet will light up on the turntable.

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This game is not much different from online poker games. It’s just that here, you only involve 5 cards. How to play, please determine the bet value with a minimum of 0.05, and a maximum of 5.00. To pay out, you can see at the top 5 cards that will be used to play. Then click DEAL to open the 5 cards or open the game.

Here, you can select the card to hold by clicking HOLD. So later, the cards that have been HOLD are not randomized again. After that, click DRAW to continue playing. Then the card that is not held will be played again. So that later you will get the card combination you want. So for the payout in this game the highest or rightmost column is:

  • Royal Flush : 4000 X.
  • Straight Flush : 250 X.
  • Four of a Kind : 125 X.
  • Full House : 45 X.
  • Flush : 30 X.
  • Straight : 20 X.
  • Three of a Kind : 15 X.
  • Two Pairs : 10 X.
  • Jack or Better : 5 X.

You can also easily see the number of wins you got in the “WIN” column. While the bet is in the “BET” column.

This is the guide on how to play Pragmatic Play (PP) online slot gambling that all players should know. After understanding it, of course it will not be difficult for you to apply some special tricks. You can also find big profits more easily. Because you can switch games to find out where the big profits come from.

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