What Does Under The Gun Mean In Online Poker

What Does Under The Gun Mean In Online Poker

But, beyond this, the earlier you are, the more likely someone is behind to have a hand in online poker. If you first act with eight players behind, the chances of someone having a big hand are quite high.

So you want to play tight. When you reach the button and only have the blinds left to act, you can expand your reach.

The player in the blinds has two random cards and only hands because he has to. So they’re much less likely to have big hands than someone volunteering to put money in the pot, which means you can raise a wide variety of hands from.

Plus, you’ll always have a position on them even when they decide to call or even bet 3, so even when they find a hand to play, you still have the upper hand.

Before I proceed to explain the opening ranges by position, it’s important to note that these are for games where you are effectively 100 big blinds in, and there are no poker bets in play.

Under the Gun Poker Position (UTG)

The first position I will discuss is the earliest one there is Under the Gun or UTG. There are straightforward rules to follow when playing from under the gun, and they are very strict.

You have five players left to act behind you, each of them with the possibility of getting up with a big hand. So you want to be conservative.

Looking at Poker Snowie, this is the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) range that is recommended for you to open from below the gun poker position daftar poker online.

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As you can see, you should always open your partner’s pocket to the 8s pocket at all times, then mix the raise and fold with the pockets between 7 and 5. The rest of the pocket pairs are just folds, although they look interesting to play at a 6-max table. When it comes to big Aces, anything under ATo is UTG fold. However, you can unlock all compatible Aces, up to A2.

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